Welcome to Yee & Partners 欢迎你的到来

Messrs. Yee & Partners was established in 2020 by its founder Tan Lai Yee (Miss), specializing mainly in Conveyancing and Property Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Probate and Administration of Estates, Family Law, Commercial and Corporate matters.

We are committed in providing a highly personalized, efficient and professional legal services to our all clients.

Yee & Partners, the right team for your rights.

Messrs. Yee & Partners 于 2020 年由创办人陈丽宇律师成立,陈律师专门从事房地产和物业转移、民事和商业诉讼、遗嘱和遗产分配、家庭法律事务、企业法律事务等等。


Yee & Partners, 为您打造的律师团队!

Welcome to Yee & Partners 欢迎你的到来